Digital Postcards

When visiting Dubai which is part of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) earlier this year I purchased 6 postcards & stamps  but realized after the fact that they wouldn’t cover the cost of mailing them to my friends back in the states. I didn’t ever get a chance to send any yet still wanted to get some use out of them so I decided to make “digital postcards” and share with EVERYONE. I know it only shows two designs instead of 6 but that’s because I bought 4 of one and 2 of the other.
I also met a really nice person named Basha who lives there…
   Buying postage stamps in Dubai and actually thinking I’d be able to mail them overseas wasn’t the only “space cadet” moment that I ever had. There are way too many to name. Sometimes it feels like my brain is “gone” so if you ever felt like this your not alone. Here’s a few more:
One time I accidently signed the back of my paycheck from work by putting 3 R’s in my name instead of 2 and the bank still CASHED it without even asking any questions!
The radio was on inside my car; I must have been really  spaced out & not listening because I clicked the ON button but actually turned it OFF instead. I had to push it again to turn the radio back on!
I wanted some orange juice one morning so I went to the cupboard to grab a glass. I  placed it on the table then reached inside the refrigerator to get out the orange juice; with the “OJ” in hand I walked back over to the cupboard and grabbed ANOTHER glass!   
I always forget to use my coupons when I go to the store so one time I was “determined” to get my savings. I wrote a note to myself that read “USE YOUR COUPONS” on top of my shopping list. When I got to the checkout and was unloading my cart the clear plastic square box that holds blueberries wasn’t shut all the way so they spilled all over the floor. I apologized to the cashier she said “it’s alright just GO get some more” so I skipped out of the line in a hurry to get some. That whole little incident threw me completely off. After I was already back at home and finished putting all the groceries away; I went to put my car keys in my purse and guess what was staring back at me… yup those coupons!
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