Birthday Girls

I would like to share a couple photos with you of me and my cousin Rochelle. As an adult now looking back at the photo on the LEFT I wonder what “Chelle” wished for before she blew out her birthday candles. As a child I just wished she’d hurry up and blow them out so we could eat the cake. A few seconds before the photo on the RIGHT was snapped I told her I was going to: “hold her like she was my MAN” she exclaimed “Keeerrrrrrrrry” and I just started to laugh.
     Two of my family members celebrated their birthdays last week. My cousin Rochelle turned 48 on October 15th and my mom turned 54 on the 17th. Since their “BIG days” are so close together some years they would share festivities with a family party. Chelle and my other cousins would visit quite a bit when we were young… oh, the good times.

Her and my mom would be downstairs in the kitchen drinking freshly brewed coffee just having adult chit chat that kids don’t really care about. So we would run upstairs to play “Barbies” or “pretend”. It was nice because me and my sister had a desk in our bedroom so we would often pretend to play school but one of those “be careful or you might hurt yourself” type games that we played requires 2 or more people. If more than 3 wants to play just take turns.

Step 1: Take comforter off the bed. Drag it across your bedroom floor and into the hallway until you arrive at the staircase. It is mandatory that you smile, giggle and/or snicker while doing this.

Step #2: Lay comforter flat vertically at the top of the staircase.

Step #3: Have one or two “passengers” sit towards the back yet in the center of the comforter. Let the rest of it dangle down onto the next few stairs.

Step #4: The passenger in front must fold both pieces of comforter laying besides them over his/her lap sorta like a soft taco. Don’t forget to hang on tight to the sides because you want to remain inside the taco shape. If you decide to “double up” just position yourselves as if you were in a sled.

Step #5: The “captain” must walk down a few stairs to get to the tip of the comforter. Give it a few good twists to “lock” in your passenger(s).

Step #6: Now here’s the fun part “captain” give it a really good pull while running down the stairs giving your passenger(s) a fun, fast, and bumpy ride.

Repeat steps 1-6 until your “tush” can’t take it no more or one of your parents tells you to “knock it off!” If you had to give that game a name what would you call it?
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