From Scratch

I remember growing up how coloring books were a treat but it was always fun to create your own art from scratch. Nowadays I like creating “digital art” and doing crafts but that’s a whole nother story…
     My friend’s son Tristen made a quick sketch with a pen handed it to me and said: “Here you go Kerry!” My response to him was: “Thanks, Tristen oh how cute he has a chocolate chip cookie face!” He said that it wasn’t a cookie it was JASON and that  was his hockey mask.
     As awkward as that moment was it inspired me to share not only his sketch but I updated the “Generosity” page with a dozen of my favorite drawings that my sponsor child Carolina has mailed to me over the years. I even added more photos of her so you can see how she has grown.

     When I would have a bad day at work or something her letters always brighten my day and make me feel better. She has done more for me than I can ever do for her. When I started this blog on July 27, 2008 she was one of the first people that I mentioned. Oh, how I love her so…

     Some of you may not know this but Carolina is the sole reason why I even launched my site. A few years back the site was plain & simple. There wasn’t even anything about me on the site it was just a single photo of beautiful Carolina and a paragraph or two encouraging people to sponsor.

     It has come a long way since day one but I won’t ever stray away from our original mission so the “Generosity” page will be on there until I decide to shut it down for good. Don’t worry my friends no chance of that happening anytime soon because I get a lot of positive feedback and support from people all across the globe. Thanks for your polite and encouraging words I truly appreciate them.                            

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