Snorks Pajamas

This is me and my cousin Ashley wearing the same “Snorks” pajamas. It’s funny because we were born 10 years apart. I loved these pink pj’s so much but eventually gave them to my cousin back in the late 90′s. You know how those fashion magazines show two people wearing the same outfit then ask “Who wore […]

Weekly Dose Post #66

This is stuff I found while browsing the net. Remember to check back EVERY Monday for more…   Joke of the Week: Q: How do professional athletes stay cool during a game? A: Easy, they are playing in front of thousands of FANS!  Weird Fact of the Week:   Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, […]

Digital Postcards

When visiting Dubai which is part of the UAE (United Arab Emirates) earlier this year I purchased 6 postcards & stamps  but realized after the fact that they wouldn’t cover the cost of mailing them to my friends back in the states. I didn’t ever get a chance to send any yet still wanted to get some use out of them so I […]

Birthday Girls

I would like to share a couple photos with you of me and my cousin Rochelle. As an adult now looking back at the photo on the LEFT I wonder what “Chelle” wished for before she blew out her birthday candles. As a child I just wished she’d hurry up and blow them out so we could eat the cake. A […]

From Scratch

I remember growing up how coloring books were a treat but it was always fun to create your own art from scratch. Nowadays I like creating “digital art” and doing crafts but that’s a whole nother story…          My friend’s son Tristen made a quick sketch with a pen handed it to me […]