Conch Fritters

 It’s fun to experiment with food and try new things. LaKietta (our housekeeper) was so friendly for 3 reasons she said that I looked like I was in my early 20’s and didn’t believe me when I told her my real age. She had such a pleasant voice but then again just about every Bahamian has that cute accent. Thirdly she recommend two restaurants that served local Bahamian food. Conch Fritters Bar & Grill and another place called Fish Fry.

      I ordered the conch fritters because LaKietta told me to try it. They tasted different at each place but both versions were good. Conch is a shellfish. It just so happens I took a photo of one without even knowing what it was at first. The fritter part taste like a hush puppy but instead of being just a ball of deep fried dough it’s stuffed with conch.


     These are two sweet hand written notes from Mama Bird and LaKietta that were found inside my hotel room. Little sentiments are special to me, so I saved them.

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