Just A Phase

  During high school I wore dark lipstick on a daily basis & dressed like a boy in baggy clothes. Check out my overalls and camouflage top. That was my style back at the time. That phase lasted even after graduating until I was 21. The mother of one of my friends kept telling me I was a pretty young lady and didn’t need to cake on the makeup. One time she even had the gall to tell my that the dark lips made me look UGLY (what nerve that woman)!
     Being extremely impressionable at that age and the fact that what she said made me cry when I got home that night. The very next day I decided to minimize the makeup. I only put on mascara and clear lip gloss. Not only did I get compliments from my friends mother (she even gave me a hug by the way which was weird) but my boyfriend at the time, and other friends liked it as well. Most importantly “I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED MY BIG JUICY LIPS!”    
     Being a girl who didn’t want to throw out a new tube of lipstick… I started to put just a dab of lipstick on mixing it with my clear gloss to create a shiny pink hue. My lips are naturally pink so I stopped buying dark lipstick after that tube was finished. I am not saying that I won’t ever wear it again but 9 years later I still prefer my more natural looking makeup style. 
     The photo below shows my drivers license (age:20) and me wearing less makeup (age:29) so tell me… which one do you like better?  😀
     Perhaps I would still be wearing “heavy makeup” to this day if my friends mother wouldn’t have nagged me about it… I am actually thankful to her now but at the time I just thought she was MEAN!
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