Weekly Dose Post #33

This is stuff I found while browsing the net. Remember to check back EVERY Monday for more…
 Joke of the Week:
A family brings their elderly mother to a nursing home. The nurses bathe her and set her in a chair at a window.
After a while, she slowly starts to lean over sideways in her chair. Two attentive nurses immediately straighten her up.
Again, she starts to tilt to the other side. The nurses rush back to put her upright. This goes on all morning.

Later, the family arrives and asks, “Are they treating you all right?”
“It’s pretty nice,” the old woman replies. “Except they won’t let you fart.”

Wierd Fact of the Week:
96% of all candles being sold are purchased by women!
Quote of the Week:
“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.” — Marlene Dietrich

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