Materialistic things are NOT relevant.

I don’t need a man to be productive. I know how to do that on my own. I have been employed at “real jobs” since I was fourteen years old. I get money by working and drive a used vehicle that I paid for. I am so use to going without and I’m far from rich.

However, I have always been a go-getter because people didn’t give me or my family any hand-outs growing up. My father has been employed my entire life, my mother, two college graduate sisters are productive citizens as well.

I would like to get married and have children someday but I don’t want just any guy I want the right guy beside me and  for that I am still searching. I rather be alone than to settle. I refuse to tolerate a man who cheats or abuses me just so that I won’t be lonely. So if that means I am single for the rest of my life so be it.

Perhaps, one day I can find a man who truly loves me as much as humanly possible because I am more than capable of returning the favor… Materialistic things are NOT relevant but unfortunately a lot of people believe that they are. Food, rent/mortgage, and bills do not fall into this category because those are things you need to pay for to live comfortably. Material things are usually wants.

For example a new pair of sneakers is a need if  you only own one pair that has a big gaping hole in them. A new pair of sneakers is a want when you already own several and see another at the store that you really like… get my drift?

People easily confuse their wants & needs. Shoes is not suppose to come before food! I don’t want a whole lot I just want to live comfortably without the constant struggle to get by…

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