Cold Kitty

The National Weather Service has reported that 10.8 inches of snow fell near Toledo Express Airport between Tuesday night and Wednesday noon. Our area is close to breaking the record January snowfall of 30.8 inches that was set in 1978. The total as of Wednesday afternoon stood at 30.7 inches, with possible accumulations expected yet this week.

Needless to say the Toledo, Ohio winter has been rough. This poor cat was struggling to stay alive in these harsh conditions. I could tell he was weak. Could barely stand but he managed to get up enough strength to go under my car. I don’t normally touch stray cats but this one needed my help.

I got a box from the basement and put him inside. He had tiny chunks of ice tangled in his wet fur. I called the animal shelter and they said no room was available but I took the cat up there anyway. Unfortunately, my attempts to rescue him were in vain as he suffered hypothermia and past away, poor thing.

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