Who do I call?

Helpful Resources to ensure safer roads for Toledoans.

Dead Animal Pickup 419-936-1000

Debris in Streets 419-936-2523 (During Business Hours)

Debris in Streets 419-245-1000 (After Business Hours)

Street Pavement Maintenance 419-936-2523

Pothole Hotline 419-936-BUMP (2867)

Street Light Outage 1-800-447-3333

     Yesterday I was out and about doing some after Christmas shopping and I hit a pothole in the street on the Anthony Wayne Trail right before you get onto the I-75 S ramp. It was so deep my hubcap flew off , bent the rim, and there was 4 other cars with flats on the side of the road because of this pothole.

     Thankfully I was able to make it home even though I heard the air coming out of my tire at red traffic lights. I took a photo of my tire so you wouldn’t think I was making this up. I do NOT want any tragedies to happen. Since this was Saturday evening around 5:30 PM (after business hours) I had to call 419-245-1000 to report this Pothole EMERGENCY!

     I also called my dad & he fixed my flat tire because he’s the best ever. There has to be someone else to call I said to myself a “Pothole Patrol” or something. So I searched in the phone-book and found some Helpful Resources for Toledoans. Now if you are not a Toledo resident these numbers won’t help you but you can look in your yellow pages or on-line for the numbers just use a search engine & type in your city and what you’re looking for.

     Here’s an example do an internet search & type in “YOUR CITY Pothole Hotline” I am pretty sure you will stumbled across an excellent site with several useful phone numbers.

     Before this happened I didn’t know who to call & I sure didn’t want to dial 911 because it wasn’t that serious. I guess everything does happen for a reason. Now I know who to call to keep the roads safer and if you use this info you will too.


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